August 2014 – Tough Mudder 2

What a difference a year can make! Our first Tough Mudder couldn’t have had more perfect weather…clear blue skies and balmy temperatures. This year, on August 16th 2014, was……different. Cold, windy, and lashings of rain marked almost the entire day on the course, leaving our brave Mudders soaked and chilled, yet they ALL still managed to finish in reasonably high spirits. The Cinder-Hell-Yeahs, Colleen, Erin, Glenn, Jeff, Joe, Joel, Kate, Lexy, Matiss, Sarah, Stacey, and our honorary Cinder, Philana, all showed up in flaming pink tutus to take on a 16km course littered with famous obstacles (Arctic Enema; a dumpster full of ice, Everest; the wall of doom, and Electroshock Therapy; ouch, ouch, OWWW, ouch) and some not-so-famous ones (Devil’s Beard, Ladder to Hell, and the intriguingly titled “Balls to the Wall”).

Team 1 consisted of Lexy, Joe, Jeff and Kate, who made it across the finish line in a blazing 5+ hours, with Team 2 seconds under the record of 6 hours set by Team 2 in 2013.

Amazingly, The Cinder-Hell-Yeahs BEAT LAST YEAR’S FUNDRAISING TALLY, with an eyewatering $13,135 raised for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada.

The team for Tough Mudder 2015 is already taking shape. Are you going to join them? The Cinder-Hell-Yeahs are looking for fundraising teammates for August 15th 2015. Are you up for it? Inquire below if you want more information:

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