May 2015 – The Ottawa Marathon

What: In 2014, Nicole M. set out with a goal to do two things through her running journey: qualify for the Boston Marathon and raise money for Wishes for Olivia. On May 4th, 2014, she crossed the finish line at the Mississauga Marathon with one of those goals more than accomplished. Her final fundraising tally sat at $3,705. The “BQ” was still a dream. And so, she began the 2015 spring marathon training season with the same goals: To qualify to run in the Boston Marathon and to raise funds for Wishes for Olivia. Now, as Nicole so eloquently put it in image form:






However, she is hellbent and determined to not only crush that BQ, but also to raise $3000 for Wishes for Olivia.

On Sunday May 24th, 2015 Nicole will toe the line at the Ottawa Marathon, hoping to cross the finish in a time of 3 hours, 40 minutes or less. She will run that day and all training days before that for Olivia. If you can, I hope you can support her. I hope you remember Olivia. And I hope she make some wishes come true. I promise, Nicole will run a little harder to justify every dollar donated.

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

When: Sunday May 24th 2015

What Can I Do To Help?

I want to sponsor Nicole – Sponsor her here!
I want to follow along on her journey – Visit I’ve Always Been a Joiner
I want to witness this for posterity – First Class Ticket to Ottawa Please!
I want to write encouraging words – Email Us
I want to tweet about this – Then tweet about it already!

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