August 2015 – Tough Mudder 3

WHAT: They say third time’s a charm, but I say third time’s the muddier. The Cinder-Hell-Yeahs return for their third Tough Mudder in 2015, and it’s going to be icier, electric-ier, and mudder-er-ier than ever. The Tough Mudder events have raised $25,606 in total for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada. Will you help us make it $40,000 in 2015?

WHEN: August 15th 2015

WHERE: Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Just a reminder that this happened in 2014:

race_397_photo_8378456 race_397_photo_8379680 race_397_photo_8379704 race_397_photo_8379794 race_397_photo_8391001 race_397_photo_8391095 race_397_photo_8413894 race_397_photo_8413926 race_397_photo_8413958 race_397_photo_8415557 race_397_photo_8418889 race_397_photo_8418934 race_397_photo_8419995race_397_photo_8424409 race_397_photo_8424420 race_397_photo_8424448 race_397_photo_8424533 race_397_photo_8424817 race_397_photo_8424836 race_397_photo_8424892 race_397_photo_8424949 race_397_photo_8425029 race_397_photo_8425193






































































































What Can I Do To Help?

I WANNA GET MUDDY TOO! – Email Wishes for Olivia for registration instructions
I want to witness this for posterity – Visit Tough Mudder for spectator information
I want to sponsor The Cinder-Hell-Yeahs – SHOW US THE MONEY!
I want to write encouraging words – Email Us
I want to tweet about this – Then tweet about it already!

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